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Redstone is a chain built from the ground up for onchain games and autonomous worlds. It comes with an automatic MUD indexer, blazing fast edge RPCs, and super low fees.

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Discover the projects building on Redstone, with a community-curated spotlight each day for the next two weeks.

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Redstone is for

Build and ship swiftly on a robust, well-documented, and open-source stack built by the team at Lattice, in collaboration with Optimism.


A battle-tested framework for games and worlds to simplify and speed up your development.


A Layer 2 blockchain optimized for games, worlds, and other ambitious onchain applications.

OP Stack & Plasma Mode

An innovative plasma data availability architecture to bring your users super low fees independent of blob demand, built on an open-source rollup stack powered by Optimism and used by OP Mainnet, Base, Zora, Redstone, etc.

Keep moving forward

Focus on shipping, and Redstone will take care of the rest.


Low-latency edge RPCs and 2-second block time.



Fully open-source, well-audited and battle-tested stack.

Low fees

Super low transaction fees for you and your users.

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Automatic MUD indexer available for free by default.

Data Availability

Data Availability

Introducing Plasma Mode

An alternative DA architecture that brings you low fees independent of blob demand. Allows anyone to permissionlessly challenge on Ethereum L1. No permissioned DA committee or alternative DA networks. Just good old Ethereum.

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Redstone is a fast, reliable, secure place to build.

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Sky Strife

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This Cursed Machine

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Explore an onchain world. Win an epic battle. Mod an infinite game. Do new things you’ve never done before onchain.