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There are two ways to withdraw assets from the Redstone blockchain:

  • Use Relay, the third party bridge. This is the expected retail solution, it is fast and cheap. It also supports transfers directly between Redstone and other L2 solutions.
  • Use this bridge. This is a wholesale bridge, used to withdraw directly from the bridge contract on L1 Ethereum. Withdrawals using this bridge are slower and more expensive because it is fully decentralized.

The withdrawal process has three stages: initiation, verification, and completion. Note that this is a simple "how to". If you want the technical details, see the OP Stack docs.


Browse to the bridge and connect your wallet. Then, specify the amount and click WITHDRAW. Finally, approve the Redstone transaction that initiates the withdrawal in the wallet.


This stage proves that the withdrawal transaction is part of the Merkle Tree whose state root is posted on L1. It takes between twelve and twenty-four hours before the state root is posted and verification is available.

Why does it take so long?

Redstone only posts a state root proposal affected by a transaction after the input commitment that includes the transaction finalized. This happens at the end of a twelve-hour availability challenge window. Redstone posts a state root proposal every twelve hours so in the worst case it would take twenty-four hours before the usable state root proposal is posted.

You can see when a new state root is proposed in a transaction to the L2OutputOracleProxy. Typically, you can verify once the second state root proposal is posted.

Once the new state root is proposed on L1 and the availability challenge period passes, go to the transactions list. If necessary, click Switch to L1 and approve the network switch in the wallet. Then, click Verify and approve the verification transaction in the wallet.


After verification, the bridge contract on L1 knows that the state root contains the withdrawal transaction. However, it does not know that the state root is valid. The state root is only considered valid after the challenge period has passed. This challenge period is set to seven days.

Once the challenge period passes, you need to submit another transaction to claim the withdrawal, and the bridge releases the funds to your account.